Philanthropy and Charity

Sonraj has always been passionate about giving back to the society and through its CSR efforts the company is associated with many initiatives.
  • Special Olympics Pakistan
    Sonraj is a patron sponsor of Special Olympics Pakistan, an initiative that helps to raise awareness and inclusion for specially abled people through sports.
  • The Akram Foundation
    Sonraj is a collaborative sponsor of the Akram Foundation founded by Waseem Akram, built to support many developmental projects in Pakistan. This foundation not only focuses on education for girls but also works towards providing healthier living conditions for the communities.
  • Kidney Center
    The Kidney Centre Youth Initiative is a group of young people including entrepreneurs, business executives and creative talents who have grouped together to support this very worthy cause. The Initiative has been created to bring awareness to a whole new generation of donors and create a legacy of giving amidst future generations. Sonraj is a supportive sponsor of this initiative and consistently works with the team for many fund-raising events.