For over 40 years Sonraj has been dedicated to providing the people of Pakistan with the finest selection of luxury accessories backed with exceptional customer service and aftercare. In 1996 founder and renowned jeweller, Mr Abdul Sattar, transformed his dream of being the preeminent authority on international watch brands into reality.



We are living in truly opportune times. Pakistan stands at the inflection point of positive growth and economic prosperity. As an agrarian nation, our people are becoming healthy and are now beginning to aspire an improved lifestyle. I believe, where there is aspiration, economic betterment is right around the corner. Even now, the markets are bustling with consumers who are the drivers of a vibrant economy. At Sonraj, these signs excite us and motivate us to grow with the economy as the preeminent providers of luxury brands. When we look to the future, we see ourselves in cities growing vertically and in new focus cities like Gwadar and Sust. Our intimate understanding of the market comes from over four decades of entrenchment in Pakistan. Having the pulse of the market has made us adaptable and agile – the cornerstones of sustainability. Our mantra at Sonraj is institutionalized growth, within the framework of ethics and global best practices. I would like to acknowledge the team at Sonraj who are the bearers of this mantle with utmost professionalism and an untiring entrepreneurial spirit. I would also like to extend and an acknowledgement to all our brands for their partnership in Pakistan growth story. At the core, we feel responsible towards the society we operate in, for which, we consistently participate in causes that make a tangible impact.
Rameez Sattar


The company has created a state-of-the-art repair and service centre in Karachi. Supported and certified by the watch manufacturers it’s clean air environment and equipment ensures that almost any repair can be carried out in Pakistan. Sonraj has created three distinctive retail environments to better represent the needs of both the brands and the customer. This ensures a strong focus on carefully curated watch collections, using price point as a guide.