Origins and Traditions

The Sonraj Family comes from a Memon family in Gujrat. The family is renowned for jewelry In India with a history of over 100 years. The word Sonraj means “Son” Gold and “Raj” King means Gold King. Before stepping into the watch business in Pakistan the Sonraj family had prominent presence in the advertising industry. The family was a founding partner in one of the largest advertising agency in Pakistan known as Asiatic. The family also owns a chain of renowned Jewellery outlets and their business acumen dates back to their forefathers through Chottani Jewellers a household brand name for jewellery in Pakistan. In 1975 Mr. Abdul Sattar Omer met a senior representative of Rado in Switzerland on a business tour. The casual discussion turned into a formal business idea and it was decided that Rado would be launched in Pakistan. Hence in 1976 Sonraj was formed as the first official retailer of Rado in Pakistan. In 1991 the creative and visionary leader Rameez Sattar son of Mr. Abdul Sattar took over the business. Through his father’s business acumen and the dynamics of the changing market, Rameez Sattar ventured into bringing a wide range of premium Swiss brands in Pakistan with the first outlet in Zaibunisa Street Karachi the former downtown of Karachi. With luxury brands like Vacheron Constantin, Sonraj set its path on a journey of becoming the leader for many high-end brands. Today, Sonraj is the preeminent leader of watches and accessories in Pakistan and aims to grow its retail network in the upcoming years.

Transition to New Retail

Sonraj has always focused on giving its customers a unique experience of watches and accessories. Not only was Sonraj bringing in renowned Swiss brands but under the leadership of the creative mind of Rameez Sattar, Sonraj started designing unique limited editions pieces specially for the audience of Pakistan. In 2001 Sonraj opened its first state of the art outlet in Zamzama Karachi and In 2002 Sonraj partnered with JLC and GP and these ties were further strengthened when in 2007 under the banner of GP 30 limited edition watches were specifically introduced for the local market labeled as “equation of time”. Continuing the ritual another 100 pieces of limited edition were introduced in 2009 respectively. Sonraj expanded its network by opening another outlet in Lahore in 2003 which catered to the markets of Islamabad and Faisalabad as well. The increasing number of brands and Sonraj’s successful efforts in developing a lucrative market for the watch industry further led to expansion and it opened its first store in Dolmen mall Clifton by the name of AMPM by Collectibles followed by a store in Islamabad. Another outlet was opened in Serena Hotel, Islamabad in 2012. After the successful recognitions of AM:PM by Collectibles, Sonraj under the name of Movements expanded its customer reach and launched more stores in Lahore and Mirpur. Sonraj has over the years developed a reputation of being the trusted partner for not only the customers but also brands that they represent.